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Oak Creek Youth Football continues to grow each year with children excited to learn how to play football. Our program offers children entering 1st grade thru 8th grade in the fall of said year the opportunity to be taught the fundamentals of football, team building activities, leadership, and good sportsmanship. We offer an 8 game season that includes playoffs and season finals. We are strictly a volunteer program that is motivated to provide an educational program teaching youth football.




We do have a wait list. Go to the registration tab and sign up to be added to the wait list.

Coaches Draft is July 15th & July 16th

If you have registered as a player after June 1st, please have the following requirements met before July 15th to be in draft or on your returning teams roster. The following must be valid and on file before July 15th, 2014: Valid Athletic Permit; Volunteer Check (not head coaches); Verified Birth Certificate; Payment; please plan on attending the Sunday July 27th meeting.

If you are unable to meet these requirements please contact for further instructions.


Oak Creek High School Football Camp


When: July 21-24, 2014 Where: Oak Creek Knights Community Stadium

Session I - For kids entering 1st through 5th grade in 2014

(2:45 - 4:00 PM) Cost: $30

  • Each day the players will be divided into groups and rotated through all the positions on offense or defense.
  • Each position coach will teach the basic skills and fundamentals of the position.
  • Plenty of water will be provided. Players need to wear comfortable workout clothes and bring a great attitude to learn and improve. Football cleats are recommended by not required.

Session II - For kids entering 6th through 9th grade in 2014

(4:30-6:00) Cost: $40

  • Players choose a position on offense and defense and will work on those specific position skills for 2 days both offensively and defensively
  • Each position coach will teach the basic skills and fundamentals of the position
  • Plenty of water will be provided. Players need to wear comfortable workout clothes and bring a great attitude to learn and improve. Football cleats are recommended by not required.

Camp Objectives:

  • Each day the players will learn proper flexibility, speed and strength training
  • Emphasis on Individual Technique each day!
  • Learn the Fundamentals and Skills of offensive and defensive positions.


Click here to download the signup form

Current Fundraisers

Click here to go to the Fundraisers page for more information on the following:

You must print the flyers and bring to the fundraisers.

  • McDonalds
    • Tuesday May 27th
    • Tuesday July 22nd
    • Tuesday October 14th
  • Culvers
    • Thursday August 14th
    • Thursday September 11th
  • YoFresh Yogurt Cafe
    • Monday July 28th
Sponsorship Information for Teams

For information on how teams can earn the ability to have a team logo on their helmets as well as our exciting news for teams to retain their own team colors and team logos on their jerseys. Posted on facebook:

board member Chris for spending endless hours searching for a way to meet the demands of the OCYF registration process and the new needed timeline while keeping in the consideration of OCYF'...S history and unique quality jerseys, while containing costs.

PRESENTING A SAMPLE OF 2014 OCYF JERSEYS. This is a mock up of a Falcons jersey and a Broncos jersey (yes, we know the Broncos is more gold than orange - color names need to tweaked). We are using a new process, called sublimated as well as a new vendor. The jersey is an Alleson jersey (mfg of big "name brand" jersey). So, the quality and sizing is that of a well built jersey. The color choices are endless as well as offering OCYF four different design choices. The jersey's come all white and then go through a process of printing -color and designs onto each individual jersey. Of course all player's jerseys will be personalized with players name and choice of number. If a team brings in their "helmet" sponsorship of $500 (please see the ocyf website), the coaching staff of that team and the apparel committee will work together to create their teams jersey this year. The design, the color (any), the numbers (solid, logoed, faded, camo), higher level sponsor logos will be on the jersey's as well. We will keep the name Oak Creek on the front of the jersey but the team name's logo (ie: Broncos) can be incorporated on the front or in the numbers as you see in the samples. The possibilities are endless with the new process and we are really excited to share this. If teams do not wish to seek a sponsor their jerseys will be decked out in Oak Creek Color combinations of blue, black, grey and white with awesome design options as well. Way to go OCYF!!!!!

Please click on the link below, this form was written specific to helmets but as a new vote came on 6/8 by the board it does include individual team jerseys for helping bring in a sponsor of $500.

Team Sponsor Information


OCYF with much consideration has deteremined the restructure of the league is warrented and has made a decision to streamline the variety of jersey combinations and to have more uniformity within the Oak Creek Community.   Preparing a long term plan in which we can focus on ways to better the education and experience of learning football is our continual goal.  Teams will continue to have quality jerseys which will be personalized with their own numbers and names, and an actual proper fit, determined on 7/27 equipment hand out day.  OCYF will supply helmet logos, a common design.  However, we recognize the history that some teams have with their names and  to support that history while stressing the importance of sponsorship a plan is in place. On Monday April 14th, the sponsorship page will open, there will be details on how teams can retain their college/nfl/personalized logo for their helmet.  Please check back then.

Some of the reasons for making the change include:

 Not enough time – not enough time for sizing, ordering, adjustments, error corrections

  1. Will allow the OCYF board to focus on other items, which include: fundraisers, apprentice program, tournament team, etc. All of these have great benefit to the league in addition to building community relationships.
  2. Not enough equipment control, which results in additional hours for inventory, handout/exchanges and lack of equipment when needed.
  3. Eliminates many hours that will be used to focus on building the league. (400 hours were spent on live registration, 30 hours in wait list registration, 32 hours for jersey pickup)
  4. Will minimize the complaints in regards to individual uniforms
  6. There are 2-3 extra jerseys ordered per team and streamlining the jerseys will eliminate the $2500 -$3200 that is thrown away each season

 Solutions to current jersey issue include:

  1. Eliminate live registration
  2. Extends the draft date 6-7 weeks
  3. Extends Coach selections
  4. Delays the use of a waitlist
  5. Use four colored jerseys (black, silver, white, blue)
  6. Focus more on the wish list items
  7. More coaches to help with equipment sizing (more knowledgeable and will minimize exchanges) / Allow for equipment hand out to be more defined
  8. Shortens the gap for growth and improper measuring (Jersey throw away $2500 - $3200 yearly savings)
  9. Time management for apparel sales
  10. Financial savings for players who leave the OCYF program
  11. Brings more community to the league

Please continue to watch for updates in regards to registration, tournament teams, camps, and special programs.  Thank you for your patience in this season.


We have one board position open in fundraising. If you are interested please email for more information.
2014 Sponsors
2014 Sponsors
2014 Sponsors