USA Football
Regarding registration / rebate

If you have registered as a player after June 1st, please have the following requirements met before July 15th to be in draft or on your returning teams roster. The following must be valid and on file before July 15th, 2014: Valid Athletic Permit; Volunteer Check (not head coaches); Verified Birth Certificate; Payment; please plan on attending the Sunday July 27th meeting.

The 2014 registration/rebate policy is as follows:

You will get a $25 cash rebate handed to you on July 27th at the league wide meeting if you have met these requirements

1. You registered on line before June 1st

2. You have a valid athletic permit recorded by July 1st

3. You have a copy of your birth certificate verified by July 1st

4. You have in your volunteer check in by July 1st

5. Payment in full by July 15th

6. You attend the league wide meeting on July 27th.

We are an organization that utilizes emails and the website to communicate. We do not have an office or staff, our equipment is stored in various areas and we are volunteers with limited availability. Our fax number is 414-921-5657 the mail box is OCYF PO Box 332 - Oak Creek, WI 53154. All board members are listed on the website on the contact us page. The rebate policy was instituted as an incentive to the parents as a time saving factor for OCYF administrative purposes. If we set deadlines and reward people when they meet the requirements, it will help with the input of data, the withholding equipment, the repeatitive requests of having needing documents turned in and signed.

The following information is what was sent to you automatically and iimmediately after you registered:

Thank you for registering for 2014 Season Player Registration. You have completed the following registrations:


Payment info and Mailing address OR payment instructions:
Oak Creek Youth Football
PO Box 332
Oak Creek, WI 53154

Thank you for registering for OCYF! This year we will not be having a live registration so you need to complete the following: Proof of birth certificate is on file prior to July 1st; Athletic Permit is on file for the season prior to July 1st;Service Hour security check has been received prior to July 1st; Payment in full by July 15th; Both guardian and player attend the July 27th equipment handout.

Please review the Q&A section on the web site for details on where to send the items needed. The Parents and Players section has additional information.


Listed below are some of the emails that the rebate/registration information was communicated league wide. This is also on the question and answer page discussing payments for 2014, when a $25 discount was not automatically given.

July 1st Email: REBATE INFO: Anyone who registered before June 1st to qualify for the rebate should have in all your documents by today July 1st. This would include an up to date physical/athletic permit; birth certificates verified (returning 2013 players no need, this was done last year), volunteer check in as well as planning on attending the July 27th equipment hand out at which time you will receive your cash back of $25.


June 28th Email: Reminder -By July 1st, you need to have a valid athletic permit / physcial on file along with your volunteer check of $200 or $400 (for family), all new players need to send a copy of the birth certificate all due by July 1st, payment in full is due by July 15th and unless you have contacted to make arrangements attend the league wide meeting on 7/27. Please see the website for more information. Checks; Birth certificates; Athletic Permits can be mailed to: OCYF PO Box 332 - OC WI 53154 or faxed into: FAX# 414-921-5657 Meeting these requirements will result in a $25 cash rebate returned to you at the equipment fitting/league wide meeting.


May 30th, 2014 Email: Please note, members do not automatically receive a discount when registering, you will recieve a $25 cash rebate on July 27th at the league wide meeting, if you have met the following:

Register on line before JUNE 1st, Payment in full needs to be made by JULY 15th. You have the option to put money down and sign back into your account to add payment on or mail your payment in to the PO Box listed.

Have a valid athletic permit in by JULY 1st, email Tammy at to check if it is a current athletic permit

If you showed proof of birth certificate in the 2013 season, you do not need to repeat, however new players will need to fax or email a copy by JULY 1st -

OCYF - all payments, athletic permits, copies of birthcerticates can go to this address
PO Box 332
Oak Creek, WI 53154

FAX# 414-921-5657

Submit a check of $200 (one player) or $400 for more than one player as a deposit dated for 11/15/14 for service hours/volunteer by JULY 1st. This check will NOT be cashed unless you do not do your required service hours.

A player and parent will also need to attend the leaguewide meeting on July 27th at the following times:

8:00am - 1/2nd grade

9:30am - 3/4th grade Buccaneers, Panthers, Wildcats

11:00am - 3/4th grade Patriots, USC, Warhawks

12:30pm - 5th grade

2:00 pm - 6th grade

3:00pm - 7th grade

4:00pm - 8th grade

The players will be with their team and coaches for proper fitting of all their equipment, helmet, pants, shoulderpads, jerseys, height and weight. If you cannot attend the meeting email Guardians, team admins, and board members will be in the building for the meeting and presentations.

RE: Service Hours (volunteer), there is a seperate website for volunteer sign up - this is NOT available (do not attempt to go on site) until the game season schedule is posted in August. However, we have many pre-season opportunities and more requests will go out to 2014 registered players this Sunday or Monday.


May 27th, Email: All registered members, team admins, and coaches should plan on attending the July 27th league wide equipment hand out and meeting please visit the ocyf website for details. If you absolutely cannot attend please email You and your player attending the live league wide meeting is one of the requirements of getting a cash rebate of $25 on that day. Please see the website regarding the other requirements such as deadline dates for birth certificates, athletic permits, volunteer checks, etc