USA Football
Information for Parents

OCYF has met some of our most challenging problems, such as proper fitting equipment and jerseys, shorter waitlist times for players, more valuable information on players skills for draft procedure, utilizing service hours correctly, and other problems by changing our timeline table and omitting the need for live registration.

It is extremely important to attend the league wide meeting and equipment hand out on Sunday 7/27. If you are unable to attend please email as soon as possible. The meeting is at the American Legion Lower Building & Pavilion for both the player and his/her guardian.

Sunday July 27th, 2014 -

8:00am - 1/2nd grade

9:30am - 3/4th grade (teams to be announced)

11:00am - 3/4th grade (teams to be announced)

12:30pm - 5th grade

2:00 pm - 6th grade

3:00pm - 7th grade

4:00pm - 8th grade

Parents/Guardians will attend the meeting in the large pavilion with their team administrator. OCYF board members will go over guidelines and expectations of members and answer any questions. The team administrators will collect information from the players' parents/guardians as well as having them sign all the pertinent and legal documents for their player(s).

Coaches and players will not be required to be present in the meeting, instead they will be outside with their team. Players will be properly fitted for their equipment by their certified coaches during this time. The team will be assigned their color coordinated station, where they will have access to shoulder pads, helmets, pants, and jersey's. After the player has been fitted with the correct size helmet, pants, and shoulder pads he/she will then have their jersey fitted. Once the proper size jersey is chosen, that jersey will be put into a bag and marked with your players last name and number choice. The jerseys will be sent out for detailing and returned within a few weeks. The players will take their shoulder pads, helmets, and pants home with them at that time.

A height and weight station will be available to have the players officially weighed and measured for documentation per SEYFA rules. (ball carrying weight in grades 1-4)

It is very important to attend the meeting for equipment purposes, however, there are two weeks prior to teams wearing equipment to practice, which will allow ample time to order any additional equipment that we may not have in stock.