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COVID-19 Updated Code of Conduct

COVID-19 Code of Conduct Updates

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OCYF COVID-19 Procedures




Drop offs

Before each practice players will be tested by a covid captain by taking their temp.

Any signs of sickness call your coach to let them know your son will not be attending practice that day and will decide how long to stay at home.

Parents will have to drop their child off in the parking lot at each practice

If no parking lot is available, they will line up single file as in school drop-off in designated area chosen by covid captain to keep a flow going.

No parent is allowed to watch except if they stay in their cars and not seated outside to watch.

If the parent failure to obey we will ask parent to leave the practice area.

If we want to have a successful season, we can’t put our kids at risk with more exposure then needed.

Pick Up

Parents will pick up their child in the parking lot

If no parking lot available same as drop off form single line in
designated area to pick up child.

Their child will meet them by their car and then the parent can assist them.

Parents are not allowed on the field to pick up their child.

If a parent needs to speak to their coach, please email him and he will come to you in a safe manner to answer your question or questions.

Game Day (Home)

Players will also be tested for temperature before they gather with
the other kids for warm-ups by the covid captain.

Your child should report straight to the covid captain once he gets to the stadium.

Parents aren’t allowed to stay on school property during game time.

This means outside the fenced area or in stadium.

They are allowed to stay on public property outside school property.

Failure to do this could result in your child team not to be able to

Game Day (away)

Parents will have to drop of their child in designated area announce by the coach before hand.

Your child will have to report directly to the covid captain for their

Parents aren’t allowed to follow their child to that area

Once there are suited up the parent will guide their child where to go.

Parents will have to obey opposing team rules which will differ from team to team.

They will be announced by the coach or board member once known.