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Service Hours Deposit

Service Hours are required for each family to participate in OCYF; it is how OCYF continues to function year after year. The coaches endless time, the board working continually all year round, and every hour the parents give supports the league.

The service hours required are six hours per player; two players we ask 12 hours; three players are equal to 18 hours of your time. As part of your online registration, a service hour security deposit is required - $400 for one player or $500 for two or more players. Please remit a post dated check (November 15) to OCYF PO Box 332, OC, WI 53154 prior to July 1st. Your check will NOT be cashed if you meet the requirements before the season ends.

There will be ample opportunities for members to fulfill their requirements of six hours per player. OCYF will be using a program offered through Sport Engine called DIBS to schedules hours.  You will receive an email with instructions on how to schedule volunteer hours.  

Any additional hours you can offer is appreciated. Please consider joining a committee or as a coach.

Volunteer Committees

Volunteers don't just do the work ~they make it work.

Oak Creek Youth Football exists because of the volunteers who are dedicated to the organization. Whether it is board members, coaches, or committee members, those who give extra is why this league continues to be successful. Six hours is what OCYF requires in order to have your service hour check shredded, but if we all gave only six hours, we would not be able to function. That is why board members, coaches and committee members are priceless.

Please consider taking on a leadership type role in the form of a committee member or as a coach, or as a future board member. For more information contact: for more information on how you can make difference in this league!

  • Assistant Coaches - All grade levels
  • Team Administrator - One for each team to work closely with the board in administrative duties, insuring communication is correct between the league and the players.

  • Coaches Appreciation Dinner - People to assist in the planning and helping at this event; held in December.
  • Special Events - People to assist in a various special events.
  • Fundraising - People to help in a variety of special fundraising projects.
  • Breast Cancer Awareness Day - Be part of this special event, fundraising; projects; announcements; contests etc.
  • Middle School Dances - OCYF would like to add at least three nights of dances to benefit the tournament teams. As this is a new challenge we are looking for people to help.
  • Raffle Prizes - We have many special events in need of raffle prizes. Your position would be to visit area business and solicit for donations. 
  • Equipment - We are looking for people to join this extremely important committee in leadership roles that can take charge at one of the equipment days, equipment inventory; sterilization, handout, turn in, ordering. Fork lift certified is beneficial and a person who is willing to take the lead.
  • Sponsorship - Our sponsorship program is so important, it keeps costs down to the membership. Soliciting for sponsors is time consuming, businesses need representatives of OCYF to talk briefly with them in person. Even though OCYF currently has team sponsorship in place, we have other areas of sponsorship that needs to be focused on in order for our league to continue to be successful.