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The mission of Oak Creek Youth Football (OCYF) is to provide an organized, educational football program for players in 1st through 8th grade. We offer equal opportunity for our athletes to learn fundamental football skills including sportsmanship, integrity and teamwork. It is our responsibility to provide a competitive yet safe environment to foster our players' appreciation of the game and develop life skills that extend beyond the game of football.


December 16th, 2018
Call to order by Charlie Braam at 1732
Kevin update from AAFYL meeting. 
Rules proposals need to be in to AAYFL 30 days prior to the 02/11/2019 meeting
Discussion without action of modification of the rules regarding medical resources on scene
OCYF is scheduled for 1 team at all levels except ¾ grade where we are scheduled for 2
Team commitment date is April 1st if we are intending to modify those team numbers
Waukesha North has applied for expansion, Waukesha South and Racine St. Catherines are considering
2019 AAYFL coaches clinic is March 2, 2019 at Pilgrim Park Middle School
Carrie motioned to propose a trainer rule for AAYFL, Amy seconded. A voice vote followed with none opposed.  Approved to propose including what level of care is provided at games.  Charlie will reach out to AAYFL to see where the league is.
2019 OCYF Board Elections
Brian Polda – Running for League Representative.  Position previously held by Dan Calderon who is not running again.
Jennifer Augostonovich – Running for volunteer and concession position.
Mike Schneble – Willing to help with any open positions as needed
Vice President election.  Mike Kyler is running unopposed.  Amy nominated, Kevin second – passed unanimously on voice vote.
Treasurer election.   Patrice Brunette is running unopposed.  Amy nominated, Mike second – passed unanimously on voice vote.
Registrar election.  Carrie is running unopposed.  It has been discussed because of the totality of all that this job is that there should be an assistant.  Discussion for making Mike Schneble assistant registrar, Amy nominated Carrie Wittlieff as registrar and Mike Schneble as assistant.  Kevin seconded, passed unanimously on voice vote.
League marketer election.  Cherie Zander is running unopposed.  Amy nominated, Carrie seconded - passed unanimously on voice vote.
Volunteer position including concessions.  Jennifer Augustynowicz is running unopposed.  Amy nominated Kevin seconded - passed unanimously on voice vote.
League Representative.  Brian Polda is running unopposed, Amy nominated, Kevin seconded passed unanimously on voice vote.
Apparel and spirit wear election.  There was no one present that was running for this position.  The position was left unfilled.

Charlie Braam – jersey order update.  Jay Sarver with Ultimate will come to a board meeting so we can see what they can offer.  Charlie will ask him to come to January meeting. 
Jersey order bill - Charlie Braam is in communication with them on discussing altering the amount owed before we pay the bill.
Patrice Brunette stated that budget items should be brought to the January meeting so that we can hold a budget meeting in February.
Mike Kyler made a motion to approve the financials, Amy seconded financials approved unanimously on voice vote.
Carrie Wittlieff will send out Egnyte invitations to board members.  Egnyte is the online storage where we keep our documents and historical data.
Carrie Wittlieff  – A new sponsorship form needs to be put out.  Discussion ensued proposing that a new sponsorship form have new ways for people and businesses to sponsor OCYF.  In addition to our 3 sponsorship levels Carrie is proposing making clear how to sponsor 3 things.  1. Cost of Heads up coaching certification.  2.  Medical kit replacement.  3.  Purchase a new helmet.
Volunteer and concessions – Should we cancel wi-fi?  Cost is $50 per month to Verizon and is rarely used.  Motion to cancel – Charlie Braam will look into it and cancel.
Carrie Wittlieff – board binders.  Moving forward everything should be easily handed over to someone else if needed.  Can load documents into Egnyte as well as a binder.
Leja Venne – nothing this month. Will update items in January
Tim Doyle – are we moving all stuff over to the high school.  Initial answer is that it does not appear that there is room at the high school.  Research will go into scheduling and facilities.
Tammy said to Carrie Wittlieff stated that Tammy had mentioned to her that we need to talk to the AAYFL about background checks.  This item is tabled till January.
Motion to get agenda and minutes published on the website.
Coach Paar – coaches first football game is August 23rd WISCO OCYF night
Discussion about 1st-4th grade.  Looking into 1st and 2nd grade flag and discussing how to move forward in 3rd and 4th grade.  Possibility of staying in AAYFL with these ages or possibility of looking at SEYFA for these ages.  Have been told that Muskego is looking at leaving AAYFL under 5th grade.
January Meeting date is the 13th, at the Legion.  5:30 PM
Everyone should be ready for a headshot picture at the January meeting to update the website.
Respectfully submitted, Kevin Rokenbrodt OCYF Secretary

2019 Season Registration Open


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